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You might have seen the Korra Comic-Con fanart contest. I decided late late last night that I wanted to enter, so I put this together as fast as I could and submitted it one minute before the deadline. Which has been my classic response to deadlines all through college. :)

It’s Tenzin’s kids :3 Because they’re adorable.

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“I am very sad and I feel more miserable than I can say, and I do not know how far I’ve come. I do not know what to do or what to think, but vehemently desire to leave this place.” — Vincent van Gogh, from Letters (1875-1890)

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nine days of brooklyn nine-nine day 3: favorite male character: Terry Jeffords
"He’s so strong but so gentle. He’s like an enormous, muscular Ellen DeGeneres."

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I have probably see all the episodes of Sex and the City because my nail salon has it on all the time.


FFFF I did it orzzz it’s even lazier than the others but I hope this helps QA//Q that makes everyone right?! LOL okimadienow

Part 1 of Free!Pirates here ; u ;;; ahhh thank you guys for all the support! If anyone really cosplays these I’d love to see them! *rolls away*

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Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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